Cheecolicious Product Collections Are Evolving

fresh beginnings image from Cheecolicious to signify a fresh start with new styles of cloth pads and a whole reshuffle of products available.

Hello and Welcome to Cheecolicious!

Our new website is here, finally. It look a wee bit longer than expected due mainly to the effects of Brexit on our ability to import from EU, world economy, and weaker British Pound has had on making some of our beloved materials no longer sustainable to obtain at this time. Even though Great Britain produces some lovely wool locally, it is not the type suitable for our makes at this time.

We have had to make the difficult decision to discontinue offering our lovely organic interlock merino wool used for wool nappy covers and as a cloth pad backer along with our specialty woven waterproof cotton that we used to make our plastic free Vegalicious cloth pads. We also have a limited amount of our lovely heavy 100% Organic Cotton Sherpa.

We are (at the time of writing this) able to replenish Organic Cotton Sherpa, however it is not as heavy as what had become our standard so we are using another organic cotton in our absorbent cloth pad cores along with organic hemp fleece instead. Organic Cotton Sherpa will only be used for the top layer whether hand-dyed or natural.

This has been a very difficult reality to swallow as those two materials are so loved and a great part of Cheecolicious uniqueness, as well as enabling us to be more plastic free.

**We do have some limited stock of our original Woolicious cloth pads with interlock backing and Vegalicious cloth pads with specialty water resistant cotton layer in our new Outlet section.

These past months we have been researching, testing, and re-envisioning how Cheecolicious will evolve which has brought some exciting new line-ups of materials for our products!

What has changed in our cloth pad collections?

Cheecolicious Cloth Pads – Fleece Backed: The only change is Organic Cotton Sherpa is now replaced with a new Organic Cotton core material.

Vegalicious Cloth Pads: The main components of leak-proof specialty woven cotton and Organic Cotton Sherpa core material has changed. Now the hidden leak-proof layer has PUL sandwiched between fabric which keeps it cool, no squeaking, and very durable. The backing is organic cotton.  Also, a new organic cotton material for the core.

Woolicious Cloth Pads: The main component of heavy organic interlock merino wool backing and Organic Cotton Sherpa core material has changed. Now the hidden leak-proof layer has PUL sandwiched between fabric which keeps it cool, no squeaking, and very durable. The backing is merino wool jersey.  Also, a new organic cotton material for the core.

It is now easier to create a custom cloth pad order! Now, you simply shop by shape/style of cloth pad and you can customise your pad:

  • Length
  • Absorbency
  • Snapped Width
  • Snap Type (Metal or resin)
  • Cheese Collection ( Cheecolicious, Vegalicious, Woolicious)
  • Choose from our range of top fabrics ( Cotton Jersey, Organic Cotton Jersey, Cotton Velour, Woven Cotton, Organic Cotton Sherpa, Organic Bamboo Velour Viscose)

You create your perfect cloth pad all on the SAME PAGE! No More scrolling through many pages! Check it out HERE! Please let us know how you like these changes as we are always open to growing and evolving.

If you are new to Cheecolicious or looking for a deeper details of our cloth pad collections please see the cloth pad guide HERE!

What has changed in our wool diaper covers?

Since we have very limited supply of our lovely heavy organic interlock merino wool and no present plan to re-stock with worldwide inflation and reduce GBP (Great British Pound) value, there are a limited amounts for a few more orders. We will continue to access the situation and publish an update if things change.

For now, we do have stock of our heavy knit merino wool used inside our Wulbrid wool wraps as well as some stock of upcycled wool which we have made available.

Also, we have a stock of Wulbrid “Grow with Me” wool longies to be released!


What New products are to come? 

Please keep your eyes peeled and join our mailing list to be the first to know.


I will share one morsel… a new “Essentials” collection is in the works. First product is a simplified collection of cloth pads that are more budget friendly. They will be made with a simple original Zorb Core and backed with our leak-proof sports fleece. Top fabrics to be announced later though we will likely begin with some prints we are retiring.


It is now only our mission to offer ecolicious sustainable products, however, we need to be open to evolving to current climate of the world


Thank you for reading and being here.


Team Cheeky

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