Organic Merino Wool Interlock - Grow With Me - Wool Trousers - Diaper Covers
Our "Grow With Me" wool longies are designed to fit for much longer than traditional trousers making them more sustainable and eco-friendly. Not to mention more friendly on your budget. :)  **All orders are custom made to order with up...
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Custom OneSize Heavy Organic Merino Wool Interlock Nappy Cover Natural Or Hand Dyed
This listing is for (1) OneSize heavy organic merino wool interlock wrap. These diaper/nappy covers have been specially designed to fit little ones from birth to potty. This organic interlock wool cover is made of our special pre-felted heavy organic...
from £36.00
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Organic Merino Interlock Wool Shorties - Grow With Me
Our Organic Merino Interlock Wool Shorties are made of our luscious and super durable heavy organic merino wool interlock/elastine blend for the body of the shorties and our super soft and stretchy merino knit/elastine blend  for the waistband and cuffs....
from £34.00
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Rainbow Soaker - Organic Wool Interlock Nappy Cover
This luscious wool interlock nappy cover is made with an inside layer of felted heavy organic merino wool interlock/elastane blend for ultimate stretch and recovery. The outer body is a (second layer) 95% merino wool jersey 5% elastane, hand-dyed with...
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Organic Wool Interlock Leggings - For Cloth Bums
Our organic wool interlock leggings are an awesome gender neutral choice year around to combine nappy cover with cozy fashion for little ones. Our heavy organic merino wool interlock is naturally very durable and stretchy so you can get a...
from £30.00
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Customised Wool Options
Please choose your woolly customisations here. You cad adjust rise, inseam measurements here. Also, you can choose to add ruffles, sporty stripe down the leg, etc.  Please also note which woolly item these customisations are for if you are ordering...
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