This is a selection of cotton jersey fabric options for Custom - made to order -  Vegalicious - Plastic Free cloth pads. 
Our Vegalicious - Plastic Free Cloth Pads are our unique plastic free cloth menstrual pads made with a specialty natural cotton waterproof layer. There is no polyester fleece in these cloth pads which release microplastics into oceans, thus harming sea life. Our aim is to promote a shift away from polyester fleece backing of cloth pads. At this time, fleece backed cloth pads are still more environmentally friendly than disposable cloth pads/tampons.
These plastic free cloth pads are typically made with metal Kam Snaps to be plastic free though you do have the option of having plastic resin Kam Snaps as well as they do last the duration of the pads and are recyclable. We do appreciate that either due to metal sensitives or personal preference, metal snaps are not the best suited for everyone. These pads are made with polyester bulk thread to ensure the longest life of the pads. Cotton thread just does not last long enough at this time and is treated with chemicals. 
Please select the fabric you would like as the cloth pads top fabric, then please choose the length, absorbency, style, and type of snaps (plastic resin KAM snaps (or) Metal Kam Snaps)  of your custom made pad. 
 **Please note custom made cloth pads have a 2-4 week turnaround time**
so if purchasing any ready made items with custom made items, shipping time will be the longer turnaround time. If you would like ready made items sooner, best to purchase them separately. 
Please click on the first image if you would like to view all fabrics currently available.
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