Build Your Own Reusable Cloth Pad


    Build your own custom reusable cloth pad! Please select options based upon your preference. Please only choose one fabric top option for each cloth pad.

    6 Inch (15.24cm) (+£0.00)
    7 Inch (17.78cm) (+£0.50)
    8 Inch (20.32cm) (+£1.00)
    9 Inch (22.86cm) (+£2.00)
    10 Inch (25.4cm) (+£3.00)
    11 Inch (27.94cm) (+£4.00)
    12 Inch (30.48cm) (+£5.00)
    13 Inch (33.02cm) (+£6.00)
    14 Inch (35.56cm) (+£7.00)
    15 Inch (38.1cm) (+£8.00)
    16 Inch (40.64cm) (+£9.00)
    17 Inch (43.18cm) (+£10.00)
    18 Inch (45.72cm) (+£11.00)
    Please choose preferred pad length.
    Front Bleeder
    Please select preferred pad shape.
    Light (+£0.00)
    Moderate (+£0.25)
    Heavy (+£0.50)
    Super Heavy (+£1.00)
    Postpartum (+£1.50)
    Please select your preferred absorbency.
    Tween 2" - 2.25"
    Slim 2.25" - 2.50"
    Classic 2.50" - 2.75"
    Wide 2.75" - 3"
    Please select your pad width.
    Sport Fleece (+£0.00)
    Organiic Wool Interlock (+£1.50)
    Natural Fiber Waterproof layer (+£1.50)
    Please select preferred backing/water repellent layer.
    Nickel Free Snaps
    Plastic Resin Snaps
    Please select preferred snap material - colour may vary.
    Purple Galaxy Sherpa
    Indi-Go-Go Sherpa
    Mystic Melody Sherpa
    Razzi-Berry Sherpa
    Watermelon Drizzle Sherpa
    Please only select one top fabric per cloth pad.
    Red Cotton Velour
    Orange Cotton Velour
    Yellow Cotton Velour
    Green Cotton Velour
    Blue Cotton Velour
    Purple Cotton Velour
    Black Cotton Velour
    Please only select one top fabric per cloth pad.
    Mystic Dragon Scales
    Rainbow Galaxy
    Mini Neon Rainbows
    Rainbow Kaleidoscope Sky
    Dancing Unicorns
    Vibrant Rainbows
    Mermaid Hair
    Psychedelic Dragonfly's
    Rainbow Stars
    Rainbow Leopard Stripe
    Melting Rainbows
    Psychedelic Mushrooms
    Rainbow Stripe & Stars
    Sleepy Sloths
    Homosapien Rainbows
    Please only select one top fabric per cloth pad.
    Product total
    Options total
    Grand total
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