Megalicious – Custom Reusable Cloth Pad – Many Fabrics Options – Sizes 14 -18 inches


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This listing is for a custom made-to-order Megalicious shape cloth pad, made to your specifications of size, absorbency, top fabric, backing, etc. chosen from our selection.

  • Megalicious Cloth Pads – This style offers maximum coverage both front and back. The Megalicious cloth pad style is symmetrical, so you are equally covered for ultimate confidence. These are amazing for very heavy flows, postpartum, and excellent for nights.

If you need assistance with how to order, please scroll below the options for further guidance.

Reusable cloth pads are comfortable, durable, sustainable, and free from toxic chemicals typically found in disposable pads. Cheecolicious cloth pads are made with high quality materials – choosing organic wherever possible. Our cloth pads are designed so the colourful print or hand-dyed fabric is facing up towards your body and the waterproof layer is facing down towards your underwear (unless otherwise stated.)

How To Order Cloth Pads

  If you are new to cloth pads, the best way to choose is to measure your favourite disposable pad length and across the gusset. We offer a broader range of lengths, widths, and absorbency of cloth pads than you will typically find in disposable options or any other cloth pad makers as our collections have grown extensively whilst meeting the needs of our customers.


Measure the pad you currently use from top to bottom. An average regular disposable cloth pad is 10 inches long for reference. Heavy bleeders tend to prefer longer cloth pads for confidence in coverage. It is best when starting out to try a few different lengths and shapes to see that works best for you.Our cloth pads come in lengths from 6″ to 18″, depending on shape.


Our Roundatious cloth pad shape is most similar to a classic disposable pad shape. Whereas our other shapes offer


With the wings closed as they would be when wearing your pad measure across so you know the best snapped with to choose. The basic disposable pad is typically 2.5″ across. That is often a good starting point.Many of our customers prefer a 2.75″ to 3″ width gusset, especially on heavy days for more secure coverage.

It is all personal preference as well as dependent on ones body frame. Smaller frame people may use narrower width than larger frame people.

We also have 4 options for snapped width. Each option comes with 2 width options to ensure best fit on various styles of underwear.

Tween/Petite  2″-2.25″
Slim  2.25″-2.50″
Classic  2.50″-2.75″
Wide  2.75″-3″

If shopping for a teen, depending on their body frame they may be better suited for our Tween or Slim widths. Some customers feel their teen will get longer use from opting for the Slim range. It is only a little bit wider.
A Frontbleeder shape cloth pad with Blue Kaledoscope Sky cotton jersey top fabric.

Front Bleeder / Back Bleeder

Our Front Bleeder style is great for those whom bleed only to the front or back. This style is available in lengths 6" to 11". Depending on an individuals frame and size of pad chosen these pads can also be used with thong underwear.

**Picured is an 11" Front Bleeder - Classic Width

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This style offers maximum coverage both front and back. The Megalicious cloth pad style is symmetrical so you are equally covered for ultimate confidence front aand back. These are amazing for very heavy flows, postpartum, and excellent for nights. available in lengths from 14" to "18. 

**Pictured is a 16" Classic width Megalicious cloth pad.

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Megalicious shape cloth pad with rainbow dragon scale cotton jersey top.
Pictured is a Sergio shaped cloth sanitary pad with a rainbow waves organic cotton jersey top fabric.


SERGIO is an asymmetrical shape cloth pad with a little shorter front than back. It can be flipped back to front for front bleeders. The wraparound wings provide a bit more coverage in the gusset area. It is a cosy classic shape.

**Pictured is a 12" Classic width Sergio cloth pad.

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An asymmetrical pad style which is shorter in the front than back ( can be worn back to front as well for front bleeders.) This shape was the 2nd shape released and is quite popular even though it is no onger our curviest pad. :)

**Pictured is a 11" Curvolicious - Classic Width cloth pad.

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Pictured is a Curvolicious shape cloth sanitary pad with printed cotton jersey top fabric.
Pictured is an Angelato shape reusable cloth pad with hand-dyed organic bamboo velour viscose in a Rainbow Swirl colourway.


A symmetrical shape and our 1st shape available. The Anglato pad is a classic boxy shape with rounded corners. This shape pad has a subtle angle for shorter lengths which expands slightly with each inch in pad length. Pad lengths 13 inches and longer offer a fabulous flare both front and back.

Pictured is a 12" Angelato - Classic Width cloth pad.

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This shape is symmetrical front to back and is most similar to standard disposable pads. This shape is very popular and is such a classic shape. Roundatious is available in lengths from 6" to 18". It offers impressive coverage which expands beautifully with longer lengths. A perfect choice for beginners as well as seasoned reusable users.

**Pictured is a 8" Roundatious - Slim Width cloth pad.

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A Roundatious shape cloth pad with rainbow clouds and black background
We offer a range of premium top fabrics for our cloth pad collections. The best option is typically personal preference with top fabrics

Woven Cotton: This is a smooth fabric that has random prints. It is breathable, good absorber, and stays cool.

Cotton Jersey/Organic Cotton Jersey: This is a smooth top fabric, often with funky prints. Many of our Cotton Jersey fabrics are organic as that is our preference to offer. However, those that are not organic are still premium quality. Cotton Jersey is quite popular as it absorbs well, keeps cool, lasts many years when cared for properly.

Organic Cotton Sherpa: This fabric has been our most popular top fabric for our customers. We offer it in natural un-dyed as well as hand-dyed in various colourways. Sherpa has a fuzzy/fleecy top and a woven back. Due to the fuzzy top it is amazing for many reasons. Organic Cotton Sherpa:

  •   Stays cool
  •   Amazingly fast absorbing
  •   Wicks away moisture
  •   Excellent at containing gushes on heavy flow days
Organic Bamboo Viscose Velour: Similar to Cotton sherpa is bamboo velour which is likely better known in the cloth pad world than cotton sherpa as bamboo velour is easier to source. Velours typically have some polyester in the fabric content so they can make some feel too hot, though they also have a velvety top so would not retain as much heat as a flat top polyester fabric or a minky and the fabric compostisioncis a blend of bamboo viscose, Cotton, and polyester.

  •   Keeps relatively cool
  •   Amazingly fast absorbing
  •   Wicks away moisture
  •   Excellent at containing gushes on heavy flow days
Cotton Velour: Is similar to organic bamboo viscose velour yet it is instead made mostly of cotton with a little polyester which means it again draws less smells and keeps the nether region cool.

  • Keeps relatively cool
  • Amazingly fast absorbing
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Excellent at containing gushes on heavy flow days,

– Absorbency:

The pads are available in Light, Moderate, Heavy, Super Heavy, and Postpartum absorbency.

Our cores are made of a combination of organic cotton and organic hemp fleece.

We always ensure materials chosen are to the highest standards for our products. At this time when supply chains are unpredictable at times, it is important to share that we will always choose a high standard equivalent, if necessary, should a material not be available. We will replace with equivalent quality.

**materials may change to equivalent materials without notice.

- Snapped Width

***Our Cloth Pads are available in 4 widths. Each option provides 2 snapped widths to ensure best fit with various undergarments. The standard with of a disposable pad is about 2.5" for reference. Our most popular width is the Classic width, though those with a smaller frame body may prefer a narrower pad, just as those with a larger frame or very heavy bleeding cycles may feel more secure with a Wide width.***
  • Tween/Petite 2″-2.25″
  • Slim 2.25″-2.50″
  • Classic 2.50″-2.75″
  • Wide 2.75″-3″

SNAP Type:

Please choose your preference of snaps. We offer our original polyacetal resin Kam Snaps or you can choose our Nickel - free metal snaps for a plastic free alternative.*Thread and polyacetal resin Kam snap colour may vary on each cloth pad.

Cloth Pad Backing Options:

We have expanded our cloth pad backing range based upon customer request as well as making some adjustments due to worldwide price increases making some materials no longer sustainable. Our cloth pad collection ranges are named   are listed below: 
  • Cheecolicious - Our original cloth pad range is backed with a waterproof sport fleece which looks similar to Windpro fleece though it is more durable and sustainable.
  • Vegalicious - Our original Vegalicious cloth pads were made with Plastic Free fabrics. The hidden water resistant layer was made with a specialty woven cotton and backed with either cotton or hemp fabric. Metal snaps were standard.
  • Vegalicious+ - Our Vegalicious collection is now made with a hidden layer of specialty PUL infused in between fabric and backed with cotton non slip fabric which is trim, soft, and durable versus our original waterproof specialty cotton material which was also backed with a non slip fabric. Our PUL layer is breathable, sustainable, and even though not plastic free, it does not release any micro-plastics into the water and is very durable.
    ***  We have discontinued our original Vegalicious cloth pads  due to price increases making the original version of our specialty waterproof cotton no longer being sustainable for making cloth pads.
    • Woolicious - Our original Woolicious cloth pads are comprised of our specialty heavy organic merino wool interlock/ elastane blend. Our wool interlock is felted with 2x high heat washes prior to constructing cloth pads. These cloth pads are water resistant, not water proof. Lanolin can be applied either with a shallow lano bath, spin, and air dry OR spray lanolin after wash, line dry, if preferred.
    ** We had reluctantly discontinued our original Woolicious cloth pad collection in 2022 due to extreme price increases of the already very pricy Organic Heavy Merino Wool Interlock, however, due to customer demand we have made it available again. This collection is significantly more expensive, which is sadly out of our control. We shall continue to research for a more financially sustainable wool fabric and update further with any findings.
    • Woolicious+ - Our Woolicious collection has been extremely popular thus far and we have added a version that has a hidden layer of specialty PUL infused in between fabric whilst backed with our organic merino jersey wool to ensure those with heavy periods and incontinence can feel secure and leak-free.
     We are always happy to hear your preferences and feedback! If you have any requests or knowledge of UK based wool connections, we would be grateful for you to contact us


  • Please wash in your own detergent PRIOR to use.
  • After use, store dry in a wet bag or bucket until ready to wash, pre-rinse cold water, wash at 30c with similar colours, line dry.
  • For stains you can pre-wash in cold water and apply a stain stick, prior to washing, line dry in sunlight to naturally boost removal of stains.
  • no bleach or fabric softener
Nickel Free Metal Snaps
Plastic Resin Kam Snaps
Please select preferred water repellent or Leakproof backing.
Kaleidoscope Sky - Organic Cotton Jersey
Rainbow Stripes and Stars- Organic Cotton Jersey
Mystic Rainbow Dragon Scales - Organic Cotton Jersey
Rainbow Shrooms - Organic Cotton Jersey
Sleepy Sloths - Organic Cotton Jersey
Melting Rainbows - Organic Cotton Jersey
Vibrant Flowers - Organic Cotton Jersey
Homosapien Rainbows - Organic Cotton Jersey
Mermaid Hair - Organic Cotton Jersey
Rainbow Leopard - Organic Cotton Jersey
Norwich Forest - Organic Cotton Jersey
Psychedelic Fireflies - Organic Cotton Jersey
Dancing Unicorns - Organic Cotton Jersey
Mini-Neon Rainbows - Organic Cotton Jersey
Rainbow Galaxy - Organic Cotton Jersey
Black - Organic Cotton Velour
Purple - Organic Cotton Velour
Green - Organic Cotton Velour
Yellow - Organic Cotton Velour
Organge - Organic Cotton Velour
Red - Organic Cotton Velour
Mystic Melody - Organic Cotton Sherpa
Razzi-Berry - Organic Cotton Sherpa
Indi-Go-Go - Organic Cotton Sherpa
Watermelon Drizzle - Organic Cotton Sherpa
Purple Galaxy - Organic Cotton Sherpa
**Please choose one fabric for the top of you cloth pad.
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