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Our Cloth Pad Styles

A Frontbleeder shape cloth pad with Blue Kaledoscope Sky cotton jersey top fabric.

Front Bleeder / Back Bleeder

Our Front Bleeder style is great for those whom bleed only to the front or back. This style is available in lengths 6" to 11". Depending on an individuals frame and size of pad chosen these pads can also be used with thong underwear.

**Picured is an 11" Front Bleeder - Classic Width

Custom Order here


This style offers maximum coverage both front and back. The Megalicious cloth pad style is symmetrical so you are equally covered for ultimate confidence front aand back. These are amazing for very heavy flows, postpartum, and excellent for nights. available in lengths from 14" to "18. 

**Pictured is a 16" Classic width Megalicious cloth pad.

Custom Order here
Megalicious shape cloth pad with rainbow dragon scale cotton jersey top.
Pictured is a Sergio shaped cloth sanitary pad with a rainbow waves organic cotton jersey top fabric.


SERGIO is an asymmetrical shape cloth pad with a little shorter front than back. It can be flipped back to front for front bleeders. The wraparound wings provide a bit more coverage in the gusset area. It is a cosy classic shape.

**Pictured is a 12" Classic width Sergio cloth pad.

custom order here


An asymmetrical pad style which is shorter in the front than back ( can be worn back to front as well for front bleeders.) This shape was the 2nd shape released and is quite popular even though it is no onger our curviest pad. 🙂

**Pictured is a 11" Curvolicious - Classic Width cloth pad.

Custom Order Here
Pictured is a Curvolicious shape cloth sanitary pad with printed cotton jersey top fabric.
Pictured is an Angelato shape reusable cloth pad with hand-dyed organic bamboo velour viscose in a Rainbow Swirl colourway.


A symmetrical shape and our 1st shape available. The Anglato pad is a classic boxy shape with rounded corners. This shape pad has a subtle angle for shorter lengths which expands slightly with each inch in pad length. Pad lengths 13 inches and longer offer a fabulous flare both front and back.

Pictured is a 12" Angelato - Classic Width cloth pad.

Custom Order Here


This shape is symmetrical front to back and is most similar to standard disposable pads. This shape is very popular and is such a classic shape. Roundatious is available in lengths from 6" to 18". It offers impressive coverage which expands beautifully with longer lengths. A perfect choice for beginners as well as seasoned reusable users.

**Pictured is a 8" Roundatious - Slim Width cloth pad.

Custom Order here
A Roundatious shape cloth pad with rainbow clouds and black background
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"Great quality products. I have used many Cheecolicious pads and liners, so knew exactly where I wanted to get some postpartum pads. Absolutely perfect for a sustainable lifestyle. And I hear cloth often leads to a better recovery. Highly recommend this shop."


"These are INCREDIBLE cloth pads! They're super comfortable and I feel very confident when wearing them overnight. This was a custom order (with wool backings) and Jodi was great to work with. I highly recommend these pads!
I was definitely hesitant to spend extra money on pads, but now I'm so glad that I did. They made a big difference during my last period. I have very painful menstrual cramps, and these high quality, soft and truly effective pads helped me to feel more comfortable during my period, and for that I'm forever grateful. They're also beautiful, which somehow helps too. Even my husband thinks they're cool. Thanks again, Jodi! 🙂



"There is nothing like these adorable, handmade pads to put the Secret-Happy back in my pants during the Secret-Sad part of my cycle. Excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality materials, no irritation when wearing. Well worth the wait. I am so happy I invested in these as my first cloth menstrual pads. Thank you so much, Cheecholicious <3 11/10 in my books!"


"I am so so pleased with these nappy covers! They are so soft and such high quality. Worth every penny. My son is so much more comfortable in these and a prefold giving him lots of movement whilst still keeping him nice and dry. I've tried so many different nappies through my three kids and I wish I had found these sooner. I got them to take with us travelling as they won't require as much washing and it's reccomended they are hand washed which suits me perfect. Seller has been fantastic, great communication and I'm super impressed at how quickly she got them to me . Thank you so much! One very satisfied customer :)"